November Updates & Actions

Saturday, November 20, 2021—Are You Kidding Me? Update

Vaxxeen kills more than COVID-19: I have heard several reports that the vaxxeen has now killed more people than the Sars-CoV-2 virus. Of course, this depends upon whose numbers you believe.

I certainly don't believe anything from the World Health Organization, the FDA, or the CDC, as they have all been shown to continually both misrepresent their data as well as actively inhibit proper reporting from doctors in the field. When they lie, even if "a little bit," how can we believe anything they say?

DON'T VAXXEENATE YOUR CHILDREN: On November 1st, the Rabbinical Court officially decreed that the mRNA COVID shot is absolutely forbidden for children, adolescents, young men & women.

The Rabbinical Court is part of the Israeli legal system and determines laws that reflect the teachings of the Torah. A ruling by the Rabbinical courts is considered God’s law and is strictly followed by the Jewish community.

It is absolutely forbidden to administer or even to promote this injection to children, adolescents, young men or women; even if it means that they will not be permitted by the government to attend yeshiva or seminary or to study abroad, etc. It is an explicit obligation to protest against this mandate, and anyone who can prevent the injection from being forced upon our youth must do so, forthrightly and emphatically.

Further the court forbids pregnant woman and all healthy adults who are of child-bearing age.

Much harm appears to be caused to pregnant women as a result of the injection (possibly due to the antibodies that the body develops against the protein called Syncytin-1, or from the SM102, or from the micro blood clots caused by the injection. The common denominator here is that it is harmful for a pregnant woman, and that it may be considered a violation of the prohibition of sterilization or preventing fertility). As such, it is forbidden for them to take this injection. Included in this are all healthy adults who are of child-bearing age. They too should stay away from the said injection.

You may not be Jewish. You may not even be religious. Regardless, why are we doing this to our children in Washington State? Our children who are at virtually zero risk from either contracting or spreading this virus?

It is the vaxxeenated who are the Sars-CoV-2 spreaders. Data from around the world is repeatedly and resoundingly confirming this fact.

Which risk are you comfortable with?: Are you comfortable with the risk of relying upon your natural immunity and possibly catching COVID-19? Or, are you comfortable with the risk of taking an experimental, and as yet unproven, vaxxeen that may or may not protect you from this virus? (More and more data is showing that it does not.)

Which choice you make or have made clearly depends upon your confidence in either upon your own natural immunity (and possibly other actions you can take to bolster your immunity) or upon your trust in the government's promise to remove that risk for you.

However, when you consider that the vaxxeen companies have no risk (liability) in the outcome of their product upon your health, you might want to question the assurances the government is giving you in this and why they are putting all of the risks on you. And, yes, all the risks of adverse vaxxeen events are solely on your shoulders.

Okay, you are making this decision for yourself as an adult. But what about your child and its future. What degree of risk are you willing to saddle them with?

Wednesday, November 17, 2021—Where Do We Go Now Update

US Freedom Flyers Protest: Friday, 11/19/21, at SeaTac Airport: Gather to support unvaxxeenated workers at 1:00 pm at SeaTac Airport entrance on Highway 99 across from Radisson Hotel at 18118 International Blvd. See the events page for map of location.

WCRC Town Hall "You can handle the truth": Saturday, 11/20/21 in Everett, WA. Starts at 11:00 am at the Royal Banquet & Conference Hall. See

New terminology: I have always hated the term "unvaccinated" because, foremost, it is not a vaccine; it is a bio-weapon designed for depopulation. Given that, no one has been vaccinated. If you have received the mRNA drug, you are tainted: transhuman, patented, and owned according to recent SCOTUS rulings. If you have not received this mRNA drug—good for you—you are a pureblood: a fully human, fully sovereign being.

Lewis Ewing Update: Luis appears to be alive and well having narrowly escaped the clutching grasp of current medical (mal)practice for the COVID-19 flu. Congratulations to Luis. I am certain he is grateful for your prayers.

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