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  1. October, 2021 Updates
  2. September, 2021 Updates
  3. August, 2021 Updates

October, 2021 Updates

Sunday, October 17, 2021—Countdown to Vaxxeen Deadline Update

March for Freedom Washington: Monday, October 18th. Starts at 12:00 at the Seattle City Hall. Gather to support unvaxxeenated workers. (Shouldn't we call them natural or untainted workers? I think of myself as a sovereign worker.) See

Lot's of good stuff at

WCRC with March for Freedom WA email sign-up: Go here to put your name on their email list.

Saturday, October 16, 2021—General Disgust Update

I am sorry for the lack of updates. Other sites have picked up their own activities so I did not see the need for additional updates. I have already linked to these sites; see Resources

At this point, I am generally disgusted with the continual lying, the continual gaslighting, and the continual denial of actual scientific studies. It appears the truth and our freedoms do not matter.

While we have been fighting for our jobs, it now seems that we have been involved in minor skirmishes. The real battle, it is now clear, is for our very liberties under the rule of law specified by our Constitution, and for the future for our children.

My religious exemption granted: My exemption was granted in mid-Septemer. I accepted the accommodation terms given. For now, I am still working.

For that, I must give thanks to the Washington Civil Rights Council for the resources they've provided and the informative town halls they sponsored. They truly deserve our continued support.

So while I get to keep my job, I feel it is a pyrrhic victory. I am carrying on but I cannot muster much enthusiasm for remaining in this state beyond the current school year.

"King Jay's" proclamation deadline on October 18.: On Monday, "King Jay's" unlawful mandate apparently takes effect. It does not have the force of law. So who will enforce it? I suppose we shall see.

September, 2021 Updates

Saturday, September 25, 2021—Weekend Update

Town Hall No. 2: I just returned from Town Hall No. 2 sponsored by WCRC & March For Freedom Washington. The video of the event will be available soon; it will be linked here when it is. Washington law was reviewed as in the first town hall. Some essential points:

Additionally, Carl Kanthak gave a detailed presentation on various aspects of "King Jay's" illegal mandate: When we get the link to Carl's slides, it will be posted here.

Action Item: For employers and employees

  1. educate yourself about Washington State law and the Constructive Notice to Employers
  2. share the documents, both the Constructive Notice to Employers and the Statement of Declination as widely as possible. See Resources.
  3. share the WCRC campaign to fight for freedom of choice and illegal mandates as widely as possible.

Action Item: Write, fax, or email your State representatives to get Washington's legislators back in session. With a 2/3rds majority of Congress, they can call themselves into session regardless of what "King Jay" desires.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021—Mid-week Update

Things are starting to happen. HR is processing Vaccine Exemption requests around the state. My exemption request using the Creed Exemption Form was initially declined. Luckily, I was able to resubmit and I also submitted the Letter of Declination. We'll see what happens, but I'm certain it will happen soon.

Town Hall Update: WCRC has published a video to provide more information about the upcoming Town Hall on Saturday at Rooster's Cafe in Woodinville. You can watch it here:

Your support is needed: Please support either Washington Civil Rights Council or the Silent Majority Foundation, or both, if you can. Both organizations are pursuing legal actions as well as resources, and other events. These take considerable time and money to organize and act on. Legal actions require court filing fees. There are many costs involved.

Donate whatever you can.

Not only are these organizations pursuing broad activities, they both are accepting your specific questions.

They are working for us, they are helping us. We need to support them.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021—Events Update

We now have 3 events:

  1. Exemption Options Class on 9/22/2021 in Pasco
  2. Town Hall No. 2 on 9/25/2021 in Woodinville
  3. Rally for Medical Choice on 10/3/2021 in Olympia

Sunday, September 19, 2021—Weekend Update

There have been many news reports coming in from around the country and from around the world. Some of these are good, some not. It is disturbing that all of the Washington State Troopers's exemptions have been denied. The External News is a collection of news stories from all over, not just Washington State. Nearly all of these stories are from independent news sources since the FDA, the CDC, and the "mockingbird media" have proven that they cannot be trusted. I am finding it very difficult to trust even my own doctor.

Town Hall Meeting No. 2: The second town hall meeting sponsored by the From March For Freedom & Washington Civil Rights Council (WCRC) is scheduled for Saturday, September 25th, 2021 in Woodinville, WA. See Events page for details.

Lots of resources coming online: There are many organizations and resources coming online for both State employees and private employees/employers. In the next week, we'll try to gather these on our resources page with some commentary to help you choose which might be best for you.

In the meantime, we have one religious exemption form (declination statement) and 2 creed exemption forms (creed exemption and modified creed exemption) tailored to Washtington State. Update 9/22/2021: If you are filing a Religous Exemption form, (1) answer questions in your own words as minimally and honestly as possible and (2) prefer to attach or file separately the declination statement.

What's the mandate really for? It is becoming clearer that this vaxxeen is not about health.

If it were about health, consider:

  1. Why have so many exemptions been granted to:
    • White House staffers;
    • Congress and congressional staff;
    • Judges and judicial branch;
    • US Postal Service employees;
    • CDC employees;
    • FDA employees;
    • Fauci's NIAID employees;
    • Pfizer employees;
    • Moderna employees;
    • Illegal immigrants surging across our border; and
    • Afghani and other refugees flooding into our nation?
  2. Why is no consideration being given to those Americans who have contracted COVID-19 and recovered from it? Their naturally acquired immunity is proving to be far superior to any vaxxeen.
  3. We learned recently that 50% of those who received the Pfizer vaxxeen (by Pfizer's own admission) received a placebo as a part of this grand experiment. A placebo. One half of all recipients. They have not actually been vaxxeenated. Why then should they get a vaxxeen pass when the un-vaxxeenated won't be given one? This makes no logical sense and is blatant discrimination.
  4. There are reports from doctor and nurse whistleblowers that the vaxxeenated receive one type of treatment in hospitals (yes, Ivermectin) yet the un-vaxxeenated don't receive this treatment. Not only are they fiddling with numbers, definitions, they now also seem to be fiddling with actual treatments.
From these, we can only conclude that we are being manipulated. That this is not about health; it is about control. It about taking away our sovereign rights over ourselves.

We must not allow this to happen. We must stand against it.

Saturday, September 11, 2021—Good News Updates!

There have been several significant pieces of news that have come in since the last update. I haven't had as much time to continue updates since school as started; I'm thinking more along the lines of weekly updates instead of daily. Important news I'll try to post immediately.

Silent Majority Foundation makes two important filings: (1) On September 10th, a "Complaint for Injunction and Declaratory Relief" was filed on behalf of a corrections officer in the Superior Court in Franklin County against Jay Inslee, the Washington State Department of Corrections, the Secretary of the Department of Corrections and the State of Washington.

(2) On September 10th, a "Summons of Governor Jay Inslee" was filed on behalf of the same officer in the Superior Court in Franklin County against Jay inslee. This is Case No. 21-250510-11 and includes the previously mentioned complaint. This is yet another lawsuit against "King Jay's" illegal abuse of his emergency powers. If heard and approved by the Court, this means an immediate halt, at least temporarily, of the vaxxeen mandate.

We'll be following this suit and complaint closely with updates as they come in.

Results starting to come in: This update is something of a mixed bag. We've heard of several positive outcomes (religious exemptions granted) with the use of either the Letter of Declination or Creed Exemption. This is great news for those who have been approved.

On the other hand, we've heard of some heavy-handed negative outcomes by administrators. In a couple cases the letters were rejected; in one case, the exemption was rejected simply because of asking questions about it (no exemption was actually requested).

Some school districts have set a deadline for vaccine certificates but have not set a deadline for requesting any exemption... Hmm... Sounds fishy. Plan on filing your exemption before the end of September. Also, you may have to use their exemption form, write in "see attached" for each of the bogus questions, and attach your exemption statement to get this through their Kafkaesque procedure.

It seems we have a real battle on our hands. I will set up a simple email reporting mechanism so you can report in and then we can figure out what's going on. Maybe even include a tally.

Another Washington freedom organization: Visit The Washingtonians For Change. They have a number of resources regarding the mandates from the Pacific Justice Institute and the Liberty Counsel; resources for early treatment of COVID-19; educational resources for parents; and other actions.

The list of online organizations and resources for freedom of choice is growing; the "resources" page should be up in the next couple of days.

Joe Biden Exempts US Postal Union workers from his vaxxeen mandate: It should come as no surprise that Joe Biden has shown favoritism to the US Postal workers after their complicity in the November 6, 2020 debacle. This blanket exemption is significant because it undercuts the lie that everyone must get vaxxeenated. Furthermore, it opens the door to many federal and state legal challenges to this unconstitutional mandate. We'll be watching for these.

Ivermectin given Emergency Use Authorization (EUA): Dr. Peter McCullough has reported that the FDA has given EUA for Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID 19. It should be noted that early treatment of COVID-19 is essential. You can now demand this from your doctor for yourself or loved ones.

I have been searching for this approval on the FDA website, but they seem to be making it very, very difficult to find. If you know where this can be seen, please send the link to Ivermectin

Ivermectin is the generic name for the brand name Stromectol. In the past 40 years, over 4 billion doses have been administered to humans. In 2015, it's creators won a Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine for its outstanding results in treating humans. Stromectal is also used for animals but penicillin and other prescription antibiotics are also given to animals; this argument is a misdirection—some would call it disingenuous.

The CDC changes its definition of "vaccine": Apparently a vaccine no longer provides immunity to a specific disease. Not only is the CDC manipulating all the numbers for this virus, they are now manipulating long-established definitions. If it's no longer a real vaccine, has immunity from liability for the manufacturers also changed? Along those same lines, if your employeer illegally mandates the vaxxeen, are they then liable for any damages that may result from it?

Tuesday, September 7, 2021—Update

Additional Exemption Letters: A national group has posted a number of religious exemption tools. See Liberty Counsel Creates Religious Exemption Letters for Americans Fighting Vaccine Mandates This is even more fodder for the cannon.

My Exemption Letter: I have decided to use Pete Serrano's Creed Exemption Form. However, I modified to include as part of my creed my prohibition from receiving tests that don't actually test for COVID (can't distinguish influenza from SARS-CoV-2) and tests that are neither medically certified or medically authorized. Download.

I'm submitting my school's exemption form with my Creed Exemption attached this week. I'll be reporting how it goes. Either they will accept it or reject it; if they reject it, I'll find out why and move on from there. Remember, stay firm. Do not be afraid.

Wednesday, September 1, 2021—Mayhem Update

First day of school: First day of school for Lake Washington School District (where I drive a school bus). As usual on the first day, mayhem reigns. I'm still recovering. See yesterday's late update for our current action plan.

Watch the workshop presented on Monday night:You can see the material presented on Monday night on YouTube entitled Truth Matters. This is an informational video on your religious exemption for vaccine mandates Watch now.

I strongly recommend you watch it; it's just over an hour but it is well worth your time. Not only will you learn the how to defend against King Jay's illegal mandate, you will be armed with Washington law and strategies to stand up to these despots.

August, 2021 Updates

Tuesday, August 31, 2021—Late Update

A question answered: This is not the update I wanted to provide (I wanted to provide a LOT more but well, stuff happens.) But I do want to answer the main question from the meeding on Monday night. We now have two forms of religious/creed exemption that we can use. Which one should you use?

These are

Either one can be used. Both are tailored to Washington State.

The Creed Exemption Form is intentionally shorter and to the point of expressing your creed. It does not rely on any religious beliefs. Instead it keeps its focus on Washington's RCW which explicitly uses the term creed in relation to prohibited discriminatory practices. Denial of this form could lead to discriminatory action under the Washington Law Against Discrimination.

The Statement of Declination is more robust and brings federal as well as state law to bear. It also includes a reference to the Creator and to our personal sovereignty. Denial of this form could also lead to discriminatory action under the Washington Law Against Discrimination.

It has been suggested that both documents could be merged into one. You now have the choice of using one or the other or even merging them to your liking.

How to use: Do not answer the State's religious exemption form questions. They are designed to entrap you. Instead, either submit only one of the forms given above ignoring the State's form, or cross out the questions on the State's form, write in "See attached <form>", and attach one of the forms given above (signed and dated, of course).

Important follow up: Whichever you choose, if your form is denied please get any denial response in writing, or email. This will be extremely helpful for both the Silent Majority Foundation (SMF) and/or the Washington Civil Rights Council (WCRC) to determine the next best course of legal action.

Monday, August 30, 2021—Late Update

Lot's of news tomorrow: I attended an "resistance educational" event tonight in North Bend. There is a lot of good news to share from this event. Too much to post tonight. Look for significant updates tomorrow.

The event was sponsored by March For Freedom Washington and Washington Civil Rights Council. If you are impatient for my update, go there to see what's available and what happened. They are planning to post a video of that event.

On Friday, the Washington Federation of State Employees has filed a lawsuit against Jay Inslee over the vaccine mandate (details of filing needed). So, in addition to Silent Majority Foundation (website coming this week), we have more organizations putting all of their efforts into overturning King Jay's illegal mandates (more on that tomorrow). The list of organizations opposing this mandate is growing weekly. Resources available to us are growing. The battle is just getting started (more on that tomorrow).

Do not be afraid. The law is on our side. (again, more on that tomorrow)

Friday, August 27, 2021—Initial Update

Correction to yesterday's update: Please note that I was mistaken about the BioNTech/Pfizer product named Comirnaty. It is now clear that any vaxxeen explicitly labelled "Comirnaty" is approved for general use for those over the age of 16 while any vaxxeen without that product label is still under EUA. Yes, this is confusing, intentionally so I think. I have corrected/clarified the update to reflect this.

This error on my part drives home some very important points:

Thursday, August 26, 2021—Initial Update

Events are happening around the State: There's a big rally in Olymbia on Saturday and other smaller events in the coming week. Visit and watch your email for other announcements.


More on "FDA Pfizer Approval" Misinformation: It seems that there is much confusion from the media, by "expert interpretation" and the FDA itself about what the FDA actually approved. So, here's what I now know:

All of this is verifiable by text within the FDA letters themselves. It is critical to get this right because those who are trying to curtail our rights are hellbent on repeating this false assertion: the Pfizer vaxxeen has been approved for general use; the Pfizer vaxxeen has not been approved for general use. The current Pfizer vaxxeen remains under EUA. Only a vaxxeen labeled "Comirnaty" manufactured by BioNTech/Pfizer is approved. This distinction is important.

When I have a bit more time, I will dedicate a page to just this issue since we continue to hear misrepresentations and outright lies about these two letters and what the FDA has actually done. On that page, I will provide actual quotes from each letter to remove any doubt.

To show you how many organizations really want this vaxxeen (follow the money), today I received a letter from my health care provider stating blankly that the Pfizer vaxeen (no mention of Comirnaty) has been approved. <sheesh> They tell their doctors a lie; their doctors tell us the lie; and now they tell us the lie directly. Against this onslaught of lies we must stand firm.

Update on non-compliance: It seems the governor's office has put in language in this proclamation <citation needed> that if you fail to meet the mandate requirements (no vaxxeen, no exemptions), you will fail to meet the terms of your employment. They seem to be trying to avoid both wrongful-termination suits as well as paying unemployment benefits. The legality of changing the terms of employment unilaterally in this way is highly questionable and is being investigated.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021—Update 1

A creed exemption is not a religious exemption: Given this report by Jason Rantz of KTTH 770 AM Radio, it seems that the Governor is attempting to very narrowly define a "religion exemption" in order to disqualify as many State employees attempting to claim it as possible. However, your creed is a far broader legal concept than your religious convictions. We do not seek a religious exemption; we seek a creed exemption.

As Pete Serrano has stated earlier, do not be fooled by this ploy. Do not file a religious exemption form, instead file a creed exemption form. We have provided the CreedExemptionForm.pdf on this site which points out where the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) expressly prohibits discrimination in the workplace based on one's creed. This is the approach we are pursuing. This is the approach we are recommending.

Wedmesday, August 25, 2021—Initial Updates

Update on how to file a Creed Exemption with your school: A colleague of Pete Serrano has provided the following guidance on how to file the Creed Exemption Form:

Contact your HR representative to ask to whom should this exemption form be given. Give it to that person. Then, if you can, send a follow-up email CC'ing your supervisor, manager, and superintendant
  1. thanking them for taking your exemption form regarding the concerns about your medical rights,
  2. also thank them for taking your creed convictions seriously, and
  3. finish with your contact information should they need any further information from you.

Update on FDA "approval" of Pfizer vaxxeen: it now appears that the FDA did not approve the Pzifer injection for general use. It appears that FDA did approve a variety of extensions for the emergency use of this injection, including younger experimental subjects. See FDA 8/23/2021 letter to Pfizer.

Why is this important? Because it does not give the State and private employers an automatic pass when they mandate the vaxxeen. Vaxxeenation is still an experimental procedure subject to the Nuremberg Code.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021—Update 1

Pete Serrano has graciously provided a general creed exemption form to be filed with <see Wednesday, August 25 Initial Update for clarification> at your school district. Here is the text of the form:

To whom it may concern,

I am providing the following COVID-19 vaccine exemption for pursuant to Revised Code of Washington (RCW) Section 49.60.030, Freedom from discrimination—Declaration of civil rights, which confirms my right to be free from discrimination “because of race, creed, color, national origin, citizenship or immigration status, sex, honorably discharged veteran or military status, sexual orientation, or the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal by a person with a disability is recognized as and declared to be a civil right.” RCW Section 49.60.030(1)(a) confirms my “right to obtain and hold employment without discrimination.” My creed prohibits me from injecting any mRNA vaccine into my body. Furthermore, my creed keeps me from injecting any other form of medication, vaccination, or substance into my body without my written consent for an indefinite amount of time.

To this I attest that I will not violate my creed by consenting to the receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine; nonetheless, I will do everything within my ability that does not violate my personal creed or my rights to help fight this pandemic in my scope of employment as a(n) ______________________ at _______________________.




You can download the file CreedExemptionForm.pdf by clicking on the link; the file should automatically download to your "downloads" folder. After you download this PDF to your computer, you can open it in Adobe Reader, print it, sign it, and submit it to your place of employment.

IMPORTANT: If you submit this and it is rejected for any reason, please send an email to to say WHY this was rejected. With that info, attorneys (your response will be forwarded to them) can begin to build a discrimination case against the State. Your cooperation is essential.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021—Initial Update

Monday, August 23, 2021—ACTIONS FOR TODAY

Monday, August 23, 2021—Update 2: Discussion with Pete Serrano

A few more clarifications. Pete's website is (The site is not yet available, you will see a "parked" page for it.)

Monday, August 23, 2021—Update 1: Discussion with my Teamsters union representative

There are a number of issues that have been clarified as well as some that are as yet unknown.

Monday, August 23, 2021—Initial Update